LED Strip Light Reeling Machine

Min. Order: 1 Piece
Port of Loading: Shenzhen, China
Payment Terms: T/T

1, Equipment parameters

1.1 Dimensions: 450 * 250 * 290 (MM)
1.2 Power supply voltage: 220V, 50-60HZ
1.3 Working power: 6 W,
1.4 Revolution ratio: 147 revolutions / minute
1.5 Weight: about 9 KG

2, Main function

2.1.SMD LED flexible light strips with a width of 0-25mm can be synchronously pasted with 3M glue. And synchronize the reel.
2.2. Waterproof, non-waterproof, half-sleeve, full-sleeve and other SMD LED flexible light strips can also be synchronized with 3M glue. And synchronize the reel.
2.3. The output per hour can reach 1000 meters per hour after the employees are familiar with it.
2.4. Save labor, change the original two processes into one process, save 1 person from the process, and the efficiency of the reel is more than twice the previous
2.5. According to different packaging requirements of customers, forward and backward rotation can be carried out (forward rotation: conventionally put the lamp beads on the outside, and return rotation: pack the lamp beads on the inside).
2.6. The speed is adjustable, and the best speed operation is carried out according to the employee's familiarity with the machine.
2.7. Semi-linked operation control, if you find that the light strip is distorted, you can stop and correct it at any time by using the foot switch.
2.8. Effectively improve work efficiency and reduce fatigue caused by repeated exercise of workers.